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Here you will find a list of items that we currently have in stock but have not yet got round to listing them in the store. If there are any that catch your eye and you would like to purchase them before they are listed, please do get in touch via the Customer Service tab on the right. Shipping is not included in the price. Vinyl records are listed subject to a play test first.

Deep Purple PERFECT STRANGERS 1984 Polydor Vinyl LP £17.99

The Residents DUCK STAB/BUSTER & GLEN RR0278 1978 Vinyl LP £22

DBRD 2008 Mozart Six Trios for Piano, Violin and Cello Borodin Trio Double Vinyl LP £22

Complete set of 180g sealed vinyl records from The Beatles Vinyl Collection issued by De Agostini Publishing. Includes magazines and extras. Listed individually under the category Beatles Vinyl Collection

Anna Caltabiano THE SEVENTH MISS HATFIELD First Edition Hardback Signed Lined & Dated £12

Haynes Manual ZOMBIE SURVIVAL Hardback £12

Colin Ward CHARTRES THE MAKING OF A MIRACLE First Folio Society Edition £8.99

Various Authors THE SUPERYACHTS (Volume Seven 1994) Hardback £22

Ian Livingstone DEATHTRAP DUNGEON Signed First Edition Paperback £14.99

Thomas Keneally SCHINDLER'S ARK First Edition Hardback £12

Michel Roux LIFE IS A MENU Signed First Edition Hardback £12

7 signed books (paperback and hardback) by Edward Storey £4.99 - £9.99

JRR Tolkien 1981 reprint of Unfinished Tales £14.99

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