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16 Jan. 2018

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Sometimes you may have an item you want to sell but cannot decide on a price, or simply don't know the value.

We may be able to help. And it won't cost you anything. This service is totally free to our registered users.

Login to your Member's Area and then click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page to send us a message, stating what the item is and giving any other details that will help us to give you the best valuation. Don't forget to include your username (this should be pre-filled in the form anyway), as we only offer this service to registered users. We will then get back to you as soon as we can with an answer. Sometimes we may not be able to give you a valuation, but we will always reply.

Please note: This is a valuation service only. We will not buy any of your items.

Great news!

With immediate affect all new sellers will benefit from three months no commission fees.

So, for 90 days you will pay absolutely nothing when any of your items sell, while at the same time enjoying all the other benefits of listing products with us.

You already benefit from:

  • no listing fees
  • no subscriptions
  • premium email and telephone support

Now you can run your store for three months without paying any fees when an item sells.

To get your 3 months commission-free, simply register, enable your store and start listing products. As soon as we receive confirmation that you have signed up we will add you as a preferred seller and your 90-day commission-free period will start. You can use this period to set up your shipping and payment options, to list your products (as many as you want) and to test the system to see if it performs as you want it to.

If, after the three months is up, you no longer wish to continue listing items with us, just let us know and we will delete your account. If you do decide to continue, then the commission fee is a measly 5% per item sold. There are no other fees.

When you subscribe as a seller on this site, you get to list as many products as you want for no monthly fee. The only fees you will ever pay is a measly 5% commission when an item sells (and don't forget, for the first three months you will not pay any commission fees). All you need to do is open a store, set up your shipping and payment methods and start listing products whenever you're ready. We will then activate your 90-day commission-free status.

And the best thing about listing your products with us is - you don't ever need to do any advertising. The buyers will come to you because the site is very well placed on the search engines for literally thousands of keywords and phrases.

Why sell with us? That's a good question.

There are three very good reasons why you might consider listing your items with us (we think there are more than three but we'll wait and let you find the others out for yourself.)

The first reason why you would want to try us is the very high possibility of maximum exposure on the search engines. Do not underestimate the likes of Google, Yahoo and Bing to generate targeted traffic to your product pages. We are talking about genuine visitors to your products, rather than the forced visits that many paid services generate. Let's be clear about this - we do not pay anything to advertise our site. Every sale we make is through the free search engines - that is from people who have taken the trouble to search for an item they want, found us (because we are really well placed), read through the item description, and placed an order. Many of these people keep coming back and buying more items. So, clearly, we are doing something right.

The second very good reason why you might want to sell your stuff on our site is the cost. We do not charge listing fees or monthly subscriptions. We only charge a very small percentage (5%) when an item sells. We think this is very reasonable, and we even give you the first three months completely commission-free. We do this to give you a chance to test the system. Click here for full details of our service.

The third reason for choosing us is: longevity. In other words, your items will never be deleted, unless you delete them. Why is this beneficial? Because the longer your item stays listed (even if it sells), the more often it is spidered and indexed by the search engines and therefore the longer it remains in a higher rank on those search engines. Which brings us to another benefit that might not be readily apparent. Let's say a potential buyer visits your product page only to find that it has already sold. One of three things is likely to happen now:

  • the visitor looks to see if there are any related products that you offer, or they may simply browse through your store (75% chance they will do this)
  • the visitor may conduct a search of the site as a whole (20% chance they will do this before they search your store)
  • the visitor may simply leave without browsing or searching further (5% chance they will do this)

So, even though an item may sell, it can still generate valuable traffic to your store, provided it remains 'live'. We make it a policy of never deleting items, purely for this reason. And of course, if you later acquire another copy of the item it is easy to relist it.

So, listing with us, gives you the benefit of virtually guaranteed first-page listings on the free search engines and that will happen within a matter of days (Google, especially, seems to love our site!) We can, of course, only 'virtually guarantee' this, as there are a number of factors involved but generally speaking, any item we list on the site takes 4-7 days to appear on the first page of Google. We think that is a very good return, considering that some companies spend (or waste) thousands of pounds in advertising costs to achieve the same (or worse) results.

We will also provide you with a guide that walks you step by step through the whole process of listing your items to give them the best possible chance of achieving the same exposure as our products get. Bear in mind that we can only help you to bring visitors to your product pages. What happens after that is largely down to the following:

  • how your item is described (Is it a full description, outlining any defects (if any), or will you skimp on some important details?)
  • how your item is presented visually (Do you have good images of the item, including salient features such as an author signature, a collectible record label, or some proof that your 20p coin really is undated on both sides?)
  • how the item is priced (Is it competitive?)
  • the shipping costs (Are they reasonable? Do you ship worldwide?)
  • how payment is handled (Do you have both online and offline methods?)
  • how soon you ship the item (Does the buyer have to wait because you only go to the post office once a week? Or do you ship the item as soon as possible after payment has been received?)
  • how popular the item is (Is it collectible? Is it in demand? Is it rare?)
  • how promptly you deal with pre-sale questions (Do you only read your emails once a day (or less) or do you regularly check your inbox and spam folder (genuine emails do have a habit of going astray, unfortunately)?)

Assuming you follow the basic guidelines on how to list products effectively, you should have no trouble attaining high rankings in the major search engines. This will result in "laser-targeted visitors" finding your products. Remember that these people are almost certainly in the mood to buy, even before they reach your product page (unlike most paid services, where site visitors are either directed to a product page against their will or they click through to the page on the assumption that they will be rewarded purely for visiting).

The reason for our success to date is because we follow a very simple formula:

  • accurate product description, including images
  • competitive pricing
  • reasonable shipping costs
  • quick dispatch of product
  • prompt answers to all enquiries
  • refund requests honoured in a timely and courteous manner (though there have been very few of these to date)
Sticking to this formula has enabled us to achieve the ultimate aspiration of any seller - repeat sales from multiple buyers! It can just as easily happen for you.

There are many other benefits coming your way should you choose to list your items on our site. Click here for full details. There are no additional fees to pay other than the 5% commission when an item sells (this starts after the three month grace period, as mentioned above):

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